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Casey Anthony's Release

victoriaplaceo started this conversation
I have been waiting to write this post for quite some time, in fact during the trial I wrote a post and decided not to post it.  This post is not about whether I thing Casey Anthony is guilty or not guilty, that has been decided and my opinion on her guilt or innocence shall remain silent.  As John F. Kennedy once said:
“Too often we... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
However as many of you know I do openly share my opinion of most things…….why not it is my blog.  So what this post is about are the people’s reaction to the Casey Anthony Verdict and her release and yes it will relate to rape.
Moving on……….first off people are nuts!! But I guess I do not need to tell you that.  Casey Anthony was found not guilty……..there is nothing anyone can do about that and she if free now.  But it continues hate, horrendous comments, and of course the death threats………..oh the death threats.
Last time I checked anyone who allegedly killed/murdered someone is not a good thing and premeditation is even worse.  So………..basically many who think that Casey Anthony killed Caylee now is upset, wants her to fry, and are making death threats.  AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THAT SOMETHING DOES NOT ADD UP?
Murder/Killing = Bad - but yet people want her to die and threaten to kill her?  So what I see is a bunch of people with homicidal thoughts……….if they were to be in any type of doctors office and express these things they would be committed.
The hate and horrible comments………..a bunch of people with chips on their shoulder that are easier to project onto Casey Anthony…… not get me wrong here I have many chips on my shoulder, but I believe directing them to the proper source is much healthier and makes more sense.
Yes I KNOW a wonderful little girl is now gone and that cannot be forgotten, however if people are really so outraged at the Casey Anthony verdict, perhaps they should look at the law, the system, new laws that could be enacted, instead of wasting precious energy on hating her.
How does this relate to Rape?  Well, I was raped; I was hurt by someone who luckily got time.  However, I wish the rapist no harm in prison and do not hate him.  Why would I, does he care that I would hate him……..NOOOO!  The only person the hate would eat away at is me.
Wishing the rapist harm after he did harm does not add up, just like with the Casey Anthony verdict
Rape = Bad ……….wishing someone to get raped or hurt in prison would make me no better than him!
Bottom line - Rape/Murder/Killing = BAD - Hoping for Rape/Murder/Killing = BAD (and not to mention PREMEDITATION!)
So she Casey Anthony is free now…….leave her alone…….if she really is not all there and is a menace to society…….she will do something wrong again. 
And for everyone who hates her, wants her dead, is spending your precious life still angered at the verdict……..go to the doctor, get your blood pressure checked it must be sky high by now, maybe a sedative……….that should help.
By the way this stuff had to stop!!Casey Anthony Dunk Tank Makes A Big Splash At Fair
Wondering what types of comments I am going to get on this one?
Victoria Placeo
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